Monday, October 18, 2021

Tour of Webster STEAM Magnet Oct 20 4pm


Visitor Policy Oct 18 and Beyond

Dear Walgrove Community, 

As you surely know, LAUSD has mandated that all LAUSD staff become COVID-19 vaccinated as of October 15, 2021, therefore, we, at Walgrove, now require that all COVID-19-vaccine-eligible visitors to campus be vaccinated, as well. 

Therefore, as of Monday, October 18, 2021, all visitors 12 and over who are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine (Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and/or Moderna) must now show both a negative PCR COVID test within the previous week and a vaccination card in order to enter and spend time on campus. 

To escort your child to class for a hot minute: Vax card and neg test within the last week.

To volunteer in myriad ways for longer than a hot minute: Vax card, neg test within the last week, and registered as a volunteer:

Thank you for your community spirit. Please consider the following data:

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Thank You, UCLA and Parent Volunteers!

On Saturday, September 25, approximately 30 volunteers from UCLA and almost 10 parents, staff and community members came to support Walgrove by working in the Wildlands, Edible Garden, auditorium and Blue Lagoon. 

They hauled, organized, weeded, harvested and set the stage for fall planting and for all things Walgrove. 

Thank you, all, for making Walgrove more beautiful! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Coffee and Diet Coke with the Principal Tomorrow (and every Thursday) at 9am

Dear Families, 

Please come to my weekly Coffee and Diet Coke with the Principal Thursday, September 23 at 9am in my Zoom room

Tomorrow's Topic will be GATE (Gifted and Talented Education). 

Specifically, we will discuss:

  • How students are designated GATE
  • The upcoming OLSAT for this year's 3rd and 4th graders

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

NO SCHOOL THURS 09/16/2021

 In honor of the Day of Atonement, there will be no school Thursday, September 16, 2021.

G'mar Chatima Tovah.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

COVID Testing Monday, September 13 7:30-3

Due to the fact that this Thursday is Yom Kippur, and there is no school, this week's COVID testing is Monday in the Library...with Colonel Mustard and the candlestick. 

Parent volunteers (and other folks in the Parent Portal and/or LAUSD database) are invited to test from 1:00-3:00pm. If you can't come then, then come anytime, but please be prepared to wait.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

NO SCHOOL SEPT 3-7, 2021

 No school Fri Sept 3 - Tues Sept 7 in honor of Admission Day, Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Travel Guidance

Dear Families,

While the District has said it is not requiring post-travel quarantine, I highly recommend that you do comply with the guidance below. If you would like to do an Independent Study during your voluntary post-travel quarantine, please complete pages 1 and pages 24-25 of the embedded doc (see the link at the bottom of page 1) and email those to me at Thank you!

Monday, August 30, 2021

Visitor Policy During COVID

Parents who wish to escort their kiddos to class should:

  • Show recent negative PCR COVID-test (within the last week) to gate watcher or Admin
  • Have permission from gate watcher and/or Admin (Principal, APEIS, Tracy)
  • Depart right after escorting student to class (may not hang out in the quad or in class)
Parents who wish to volunteer on campus should:
  • Complete the registration process, which includes digital application, TB test, background check, vaccination...
  • Have permission from Admin (Principal, APEIS, Tracy) to be on campus
  • Not enter classrooms without advance permission from both Admin and the respective teachers
Thank you VERY MUCH for helping us limit interruptions and ensure for all a safe environment.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Coffee and Diet Coke with the Principal EVERY Thurs at 9am

Join us for our first Coffee and Diet Coke with the Principal Thursday, August 26 at 9am in Dr. K's Zoom room. The agenda will be:

  • EL Master Plan and Course Offerings for English Learners
  • General Q and A re: COVID protocols, instruction, after-school program, volunteerism...
For those parents of English Learners who cannot make it, please know that Walgrove's ELD program is Language and Literacy in English Acceleration Program (L/EAP). 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Venice COS Town Hall Wed Aug 25 5pm


Quarantine Info

If you are asked to quarantine for 7 or more days because it was determined that you have been a close contact to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 (unvaccinated and within 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes), please read and heed the following:

Quarantine at home and stay separated from others for the duration. 

Get tested 3-7 days after your quarantine begins and also preferably within 72 hours of returning to work or school. (So, for a 7-day quarantine, get tested on Day 6.)

If you tested positive and are asymptomatic, your isolation period is similar to a close contact's quarantine period. You should test again within 48 hours to confirm it is a true positive, then isolate and wait for clearance from the Community Engagement Team to return to work or school. You will NOT test again for 90 days after your return because it takes that long (or longer) for the virus to become undetectable. 

When the Community Engagement Team calls you, the phone may display "Unknown Caller." Please answer. If you miss their call(s), the Community Engagement Team's # is 213-725-5637. 


Contacts of close contacts are not considered to be close contacts of positive cases. Parents, siblings, teachers, friends and others should stay physically distanced from the close contact but do not need to also quarantine. 

Here are more facts about what to do when there is a positive case at work or school:

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

On-Site COVID Testing Thursdays 7:45-3:15

Walgrove Students, Staff, Parent Volunteers and LAUSD Community Willing to Wait:

Feel free to come to Walgrove Thursdays anytime between 7:45am and 3:15pm to get COVID-tested. 

Walgrove students will test with their classes.

Walgrove staff and parent volunteers will test throughout the day.

Other LAUSD staff and parents will fit in between. 

All will benefit from the results. 

No appointment is necessary. Just wear a mask, be prepared to answer COVID screening questions and to provide ID. 

Proffer CONSENT for your kiddo to be tested at school in the Parent Portal

See you Thursday!

Angel City Youth Chorale



Monday, August 16, 2021

Pick-up and Drop-off Gate Update

Dear Walgrove Community, 

Please note these new gate assignments:

Orange Gate on Appleton
All students in grades 4-5 (except for students in Rm 6)

Green Gate on Walgrove
All students in grades 2-3 (except for students in Rm 2)

Blue Gate on Morningside
All students in TK-1 and students in Rms 2 & 6

STAR Gate on Walgrove (by the Auditorium)
All students in STAR and Beyond the Bell upon departure in the PM.

Please arrive on time, and please have your negative COVID results ready to show (or your Daily Pass). Parents who want to escort kiddos must show negative COVID test results, not just vaccination. Thank you!

Friday, August 13, 2021

School Starts Monday!

Dear Walgrove Families and Staff, 

Please read and heed the following info, which is hopefully helpfully helpful:

School starts Monday, August 16. It is in-person for all students, except those few who have signed up for Independent Study with me (or through the City of Angels). All who attend will need a negative PCR COVID test. 

There will be three gates (not four). You are assigned a gate by last name. 

Orange Gate off Appleton near the STEAM Studio
Students whose last names start with A-F

Green Gate off Walgrove to the left of the office (if you are facing the school):
Students whose last names start with G-N

Blue Gate off Morningside:
Students whose last names start with O-Z

The only exception are students in Rooms 2 and 6 (Mr. Matt and Mr. Steve). They will all use the Blue Gate.

Upon arrival, students will either show their Daily Pass OR we will check their names against our roster of recent negative COVID tests. To make sure that all kiddos have recent negative COVID tests, we will continue with on-site COVID testing every Thursday 8-3pm.

We will have extra adults to escort kiddos to class for you. However, if you want to escort your child to class, you may. But you will need to show a negative COVID test (just as the students do) and you will need to leave immediately. You may not enter the classroom or stick around. Sorry!

Parent volunteers who are registered (and have negative COVID tests) may stick around. (Full vaccination will be required by Oct 15, per the new universal LAUSD vaccination mandate). The folks at the gate will have a list of registered volunteers. 

Richard Medina will be Walgrove's STAR Director. Jonney Machtig is helping Richard get situated. Richard has lots of wonderful experience with STAR (and with playing chess!). So, we will indeed have chess! ALL 83 of the applicants who submitted applications are enrolled in STAR. Marcus from Beyond the Bell will work closely with STAR (as he did this last Spring) so that the programs are aligned. They will mostly hang out in the cafeteria area (as they did this last Spring) and out on the field for sports. If you did not apply but need childcare, please apply. If we cannot accomodate you in STAR, then we will accommodate you in Beyond the Bell (and if many people apply, we will have to bifercate the programs a bit more, as in years past. But that's OK!)

If you are picking up after school at 2:30 (1:35 on Tuesdays), then you must pick your kiddo up at their assigned gate. If you are picking up after STAR, then use the STAR Gate, which is on Walgrove near the cafeteria. Your kiddos will get Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) food as Grab and Go on the way home to be eaten the next morning. (Those who want.)

Based on survey results, we will go with option B, which is:
Students may bring their technology (cell phones, iPads, laptops, Apple watches, etc) to school BUT may NOT use it during school unless directed to by a teacher during class (or by the STAR Director or Beyond the Bell Coach after school). They may NOT use tech during recess or lunch. 

After we see how things go, we will revisit and revise, as needed. The LSLC will ultimately approve and formalize the tech policy for the year. 

Your teachers will also reach out with info and with a supplies wish list. We can always use compositon books, notebooks, and glue sticks. So, feel free to drop those things off to any of us anytime 馃檪

If you want to volunteer tomorrow anytime between 8-4 (registration not needed, but negative COVID test or vaccination is), then come on down. We have things to do in the garden, Wildlands, kinder yard and more. 

Also, there is a playdate at Penmar Park from 10-12 tomorrow for those who want their kiddos to meet other awesome kiddos! 

Bell Schedule 2021-2022


Thursday, August 12, 2021

Parent Portal and Daily Pass

Dear Families, 

You will use both the Parent Portal and the Daily Pass often, so please know a few things:

They are two different entities at two different internet addresses. 

LAUSD Parent Portal

How to Register for the Parent Portal

How to Add a Student to Your Parent Portal Account


LAUSD Daily Pass (with Embedded Instructions)

You will need your child's ID for both, and for the Parent Portal, you will need your unique PIN (each parent has a distinct PIN. Two-parent households have two PINs.)

If you do not already know them, can obtain your child's ID and Parent Portal PINs from your teacher. 

From Board Member Nick Melvoin

 Dear parents and guardians,  

We are excited to welcome you and your children back to school next week! Everyone at the District from the central offices to school sites has been working tirelessly to ensure that every student has access to a full-time, in-person learning environment with the safest possible COVID protocols in place. I know that you may be feeling nervous about the return to school with the new Delta variant, and completely understand these concerns. We are here to make sure you get the answers, information, and support you need to help ease this transition. I would also encourage you to check out any of the below resources to see the safety measures in place to prioritize the health and safety of our kids, families, and school communities on our campuses. 


If you haven’t already gotten your students’ baseline COVID test, you can still visit any of our school-based testing sites this weekend. Click here to view locations and hours and make an appointment. While appointments are recommended, you do not need one and can simply show up during the hours of operation. You can also submit a test from an external source if you aren’t able to get to an LAUSD location (like your doctor’s office, pharmacy, or a city/county testing site.) If you have taken an external test, please submit through your test as soon as possible to ensure our health care assistants have ample time to review.


We are also that mandating employees be vaccinated and participate in weekly testing. We encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated as the best way to bring an end to the pandemic, and are offering vaccinations at our school-based clinics for school community members, including children over the age of 12 with parental consent. All students and staff will also be required to participate in on-campus weekly testing to minimize any potential spread of the virus. 

I believe that, given our extensive safety protocols and the potential harm and trauma of staying out of schools longer, the safest place to be this year is in the classroom. I also know that each family has its own unique circumstances to consider and that conditions are constantly evolving. If you are interested in learning more about the District's online independent study program through City of Angels, click here to reach out for more information. We will also continue to monitor case rates, public health guidance and state policy. 







Nick Melvoin


LA Unified Board of Education

Board Member | District 4

Check out our 2021 Impact Report




Subject: Actualizaci贸n sobre el regreso a la escuela y bienvenida del miembro de la junta de LAUSD 


Queridos padres y guardianes,


¡Estamos muy contentos de darle la bienvenida a usted y a sus hijos a la escuela la pr贸xima semana! Todos en el Distrito, las oficinas centrales y las escuelas, han estado trabajando duro para asegurar que cada estudiante tenga acceso al aprendizaje en persona a tiempo completo con los protocolos de COVID m谩s seguros posibles. S茅 que es posible que se sienta nervioso por el regreso a la escuela con la nueva variante de Delta y entiendo completamente estas preocupaciones. Estamos aqu铆 para asegurarnos de que obtenga las respuestas, la informaci贸n y el apoyo que necesita para ayudar con esta transici贸n. Tambi茅n los animo a ver cualquiera de los recursos a continuaci贸n para conocer las medidas de seguridad que han sido implementadas para priorizar la salud y la seguridad de nuestros ni帽os, familias y comunidades escolares en nuestros campus.  


Si a煤n no ha obtenido la prueba de base de COVID para sus estudiantes, a煤n puede visitar cualquiera de nuestros sitios escolares de pruebas este fin de semana. Haga clic aqu铆 para ver ubicaciones y horarios y hacer una cita. Mientras las citas son recomendadas, no necesita una y simplemente puede presentarse durante las horas de operaci贸n. Tambi茅n puede enviar una prueba externa si no puede llegar a una ubicaci贸n de LAUSD (como de su doctor, la farmacia o un sitio de prueba de la ciudad/condado). Si ha realizado una prueba externa, por favor env铆e sus resultados lo antes posible para garantizar que nuestros asistentes de atenci贸n m茅dica tengan tiempo suficiente para revisar.


Tambi茅n estamos requiriendo que nuestros empleados se vacunen y participen en pruebas semanales. Animamos a todos los que son elegibles a vacunarse como la mejor manera de poner fin a la pandemia, y estamos ofreciendo vacunas en nuestras cl铆nicas escolares para miembros de la comunidad, incluyendo a los ni帽os mayores de 12 a帽os con el consentimiento de los padres. Tambi茅n se requerir谩 que todos los estudiantes y el personal participen en pruebas semanales en el campus para minimizar cualquier posible propagaci贸n del virus.


Creo que, dado a nuestros protocolos extensos de seguridad y el da帽o y trauma potencial de quedarse en casa por m谩s tiempo, el lugar m谩s seguro para estar este a帽o es en el sal贸n de clases. Tambi茅n s茅 que cada familia tiene sus propias circunstancias 煤nicas para considerar y que las condiciones est谩n en constante evoluci贸n. Si est谩 interesado en obtener m谩s informaci贸n sobre el programa de estudio independiente en l铆nea del Distrito, City of Angels, haga clic aqu铆 para solicitar m谩s informaci贸n. Tambi茅n continuaremos monitoreando los niveles de casos, las pautas de salud p煤blica y la p贸liza estatal.


Para adelante, 



Nick Melvoin